Built By Self-Made Experts,
With Globally Developed Experience.


A Global Collaboration.

We're a group of consultants, each specializing our field of expertise. We have come together to form a global agency to help grow businesses around the world.

Built From A Combined Century of Professional Experience & Proven Success.

From sales and marketing to branding and vision, our consultants know how to hit goals and build businesses. When you work with us, we will assign the best consultant for your company and let you work with them directly.

Being globally centric, and remotely connected, we work with clients around the world and on their time. Together, have worked with clients in over fifteen different countries, across multiple industries and markets.


The New Age Of
Growing Your Business.

Partnered with multiple companies, we have combined all the tools you need to grow in the new era of business into one cohesive agency by driving teamwork across marketing organizations.

Chairman & CEO

John Lipe

Serial Entrepreneur and High Level Creative with over a decade of experience in Creative Direction, Strategic Selling, Revenue Centric Growth, Team Building, and Market Expansion for companies ranging from Ad Agencies and Cross-Industry Start-ups to International Corporations.

Success is a habit.

I have worked with over 200 International Corporations, Marketing Agencies, and Start-ups spreading across twelve countries across the globe. After years of gathering resources, hiring amazing teams, and partnering with powerful vendors, I started Black Label for one reason: Your Success.

I bring access to our clients, the kind that truly build growth and maximize exposure. Black Label is comprised of these resources, experts, and teams around the world in order to greatly change the way consulting firms perform to make sure you succeed.

John Lipe


Interested in Joining Us Or Partnering?

We work collaboratively with individuals, vendors, and teams around the world. If you or your team are interested in joining forces with us to bring our clients the best services possible, then let's talk.

We work with the best.

When we are considering working with new talent, offering world-class services, or hiring impactful teams, we first think about our clients' success.

After all, we are only as good as the team we build. If you believe that you, your team, or your service would benefit our clients, then we absolutely want to hear what you have to offer.

We listen to valuable opportunities, unlike other agencies. So please present your best pitch to us and we'll put you in touch with our stack of invaluable resources. It's that simple.

Together, by growing our expertise and service offerings, we will have a bigger effect on the future of our clients.